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Children today are practically inseparable from their phones and tablets. This reality has led to worries among parents and teachers that these devices can have a detrimental effect on the studies. But the advent of learning apps for students in India has actually turned the smart phone into an educational medium. Here are 5 benefits of using learning apps: –

  1. Better Access to Learning Resources
    The best thing about the learning apps is the constant and better access to learning resources. Now students don’t need to access large books every time they want to read something from their course. With mobile apps, everything can be accessed with a single touch. A normal smartphone has enough storage space to save as much as a small home library. There are library and book search apps as well that allow students to look for resources on any given topic. In some of these learning apps, students can search videos, podcasts and other different materials. The best thing about all these learning apps is that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This gives students the opportunity to check something out in real-time when the question pops in their head.

2. Online resources
The real power of digital world lies in the huge amount of resources that one can access. The wealth of the digital world is the reason behind its popularity among the knowledge seekers. Digital platforms are a favourite among those who wish to get access to various learning materials that are hard to find at your local library. There are many student learning apps in India that provide students access to various ebooks, pdfs and other studying materials.

3. Availability 24/7
Unlike schools, mobile applications can be used any time. There is no need to worry about schedules as any place could be a classroom. Since Learning through an app is not a time-bound process, it actually promotes relaxed learning. Most learning apps have child-friendly control, allowing little ones to operate it without much effort.

4. Enhanced Interaction
Experts are of the opinion that learning apps can make children more interactive. These apps also promote engagement between parents and children. Apps provide an effective way to engage with children while they are using the learning apps, as the tendency to interact is enhanced in children by mobile applications.

5. Novel learning techniques
The idea of traditional methods of learning is often associated with a generic feeling of boredom. Traditional methods do not favour drifting from the learning pattern that is restricted to upright book learning, thus diminishing any engagement factor. Student learning apps helps bring newness into the learning process. Moreover, these apps add a sense of fun and involvement in the whole learning process. The apps use games, puzzles and other challenging tasks to stimulate brain cells.

Holistically speaking, the advent of student learning apps has resulted in the students learning concepts in new, better and engaging ways, and in turn staying a lot more well-informed.


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