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In today’s era, everyone is exposed to the world of the internet. From a tiny tot to an elder, everyone can be seen using the internet today. The fact that the internet has made people’s lives easier is not hidden from anyone. Just like everything, the internet also consists of pros and cons. Children are not much aware of the cons of the internet world and unintentionally they indulge in things on the internet which are not safe for them. Therefore, it is very important to make your child aware of the harmful effects of the internet or parents must keep an eye on their child and prevent them from indulging in harmful activities on the internet.

The invention of the internet has proved to be useful as well as dangerous. It can be dangerous if the person is not aware of the dangerous world that it consists of. Especially children are more prone to be attracted to the harmful world of the internet. Cyberbullies, child molesters, etc wait for such opportunities to reach out to children because they know that they are innocent and can be trapped easily.

We have mentioned a few points that must be taken into consideration to keep your child safe on the internet:
1) Talk to your kids about the advantages and disadvantages of the internet. It is very important to discuss the harmful things about the internet so that they can stay on the safe side. Also, teach them to stay away from strangers and not to share any personal information online without consulting an elder.
2) Always keep your desktop or computers in common areas from where you can keep an eye on your children’s activity on the internet. In this way, you can check as to what your child is doing on the internet.
3) Check your kid’s browser history to see what all he is indulging into.
4) Set your kid’s internet time and usage limit and try to stay near them when they are using the internet.
5) As a parent, be knowledgeable about computers and the internet and impart the same knowledge to your children as well.
6) Keep your children’s password with you so that you can check and analyze what they are doing online.

Hence, every parent must follow the above-mentioned guidelines to keep their children safe on the internet.


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