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It is very important to limit the time of a child which he/she spends staring at the screen. Too much of anything is really bad for anyone, some things are best enjoyed in moderation. It is really impossible to suppress the use of electronic devices, especially mobile phones and tablets, but it can be turned into something knowledgeable. With the immense growth in mobile technology, education is no more confined to the walls of the classroom. MBD Alchemie mobile education apps help your child to learn continuously, even after school, on a long flight or while you finish your household chores. Parents use their smartphones to keep the little minds busy while using these amazing kids learning apps, wherever and whenever.

Here are some of the spectacular kids learning apps your kids are going to love:

Hindi Varnmala Kids
Hindi varnmala kids app is an educational app for kids to learn Hindi consonants (Vyanjan). This app makes learning Hindi, a simple and joyous experience for both, young learners and first-time learners. Learning the Hindi alphabets becomes so easy and interesting with the help of MBD’s Hindi varnmala kids app, it helps kids recognize, read and write alphabets of Hindi varnmala. Kids will surely enjoy the learning and writing of Hindi consonants with this creative kids app.

1234 Kids
1234 kids app is based on the concept of learning with fun. This learning numbers app help kids discover an interesting way of learning and writing numbers by tracing them. To make first learning a fun learning, we have developed this 1234 learn numbers app for toddlers. 1234 numbers is a counting game with a quiz as the name says, kids learn numbers from 1 to 10 in an animated format. Help your preschool child or toddler learn to count and to trace with this 1234 number for kids app.

ABCD kids app is an amazing alphabet learning app to teach your kids the English alphabets. This free, fun and simple educational app help your kids and toddlers learn alphabets with the help of this generation’s favorite electronic gadget. The app for kids is loaded with features that make learning a fun experience for children. A series of tracing games for kids help them recognize letters shapes and associate them with phonic sounds. Kids recognize English alphabets and learn writing English alphabets simply following the arrows with their fingers.

Learn About Body Parts
Learn about body parts app is an educational app that helps your kids learn and recognize different parts of the body, their name, pronunciation, and spelling. Apart from learning, it also improves their hand-eye coordination. The core focus of this app is to make kids enable to recognize the parts of the body and associate these with pictures and audio that they can follow.

Rejoice and Grow
The beautifully animated rhymes and interesting moral stories will help the child to learn while play. It’s a great choice for early readers’ as well. As we at MBD, value education above everything else, our app is entirely free of cost for all preschool children. Our main motive is to enhance a child’s visual-spatial and musical-rhythmic intelligence with our distinctively themed stories and rhymes.

Learn About Fruits
With the application of Learn About Fruits, kids can learn name, pronunciation and can recognize various fruits with pictures. The application is designed keeping the elements of fun and education in unison. The app is rendered with two section of “Learn” and “Quiz” and kept easy to use.

Learn About Vegetables
Learn About Vegetable app is presented for the early learners. The application is designed with an idea of making kids learn things they can see around them and interestingly urge them to learn more about the vegetables. With the application of Learn Vegetables, kids can learn name, pronunciation and can recognize them with the picture. Unison of fun and learning, this application is very easy to use.

All these kids learning apps are a combination of attractive and colorful animations with fascinating sound and graphics that makes primary learning easier and interesting for kids. Check out the below infographic :

Seven Best Kids Learning Apps

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