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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a notification announcing the introduction of three new subjects for students of class 11 – Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Physical Activity Trainer courses – which will be applicable from the 2020–21 academic session.

The notification states that the introduction of these 3 new subjects will help students explore more options in creativity, innovation and physical fitness. What is more, competency and aptitude in these subjects will keep students abreast of the latest trends in the job market. In other words, these skills will improve their employability as industries are constantly looking for fresh talent with skill sets in Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence.

In the words of Biswajit Saha, Director Training and Skill Education – CBSE, “while thinking is a skill that all humans possess, the 21st century’s requirement is of critical thinking and problem-solving. Design Thinking is a systematic process of thinking that opens up the horizons of creativity and enables even the most conditioned thinkers to bring about new and innovative solutions to the problems at hand”.

Keeping in view the importance of qualified fitness instructors and trainers to our overall physical well-being, the Physical Activity Trainer course is a timely addition. After all health is wealth and it is a healthy body that exudes peace and happiness. A healthy body generates energy and enthusiasm.

To quote Mr Saha, “physical activity is a must if the body and mind are to be kept healthy. With this view in mind, the course on Physical Activity Trainer has been prepared. It will not only help in developing the skill of a trainer but will also become a life skill as it will imbibe the idea of keeping fit for life”.
To read CBSE’s official notification introducing new subjects, click here.

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