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In the view of the Covid-19 outbreak, schools have been shut down all over the world. It was anticipated that this lockdown would impact the learning process of students. However, it proved to be the other way round. Technology became a boon during this pandemic period. From school children to college children to office goers, everyone is relying on technology. Although, the sector which has benefited the most from this technology is the education sector. The education sector has taken the full-fledged advantage of online learning. Schools and colleges are conducting online classes for every subject and recording the attendance as well, so that it won’t hamper their progress in the future.

Advantages of Online Learning
• Flexibility: Online learning has offered students the freedom to attend the classes at their own accord. In a traditional classroom setting, students have a fixed schedule which they are forced to follow. Therefore, online learning has given them a flexible schedule.
• Cost-effective: Learning on an online platform is less expensive as compared to going to the school or college every day. The only cost that you have to bear for online learning is the internet connectivity cost.
• Documentation: In online learning, you can easily store information such as live discussion notes, assignments, etc. in an online database. Storing data on the computer or laptop is less time consuming, unlike writing notes in the class.
• Personalization: Students have the freedom to customize their learning environment. They can choose when to study and what to study. They can study at their own pace without the need to catch up with the others.
• Availability: Online learning removes the time barrier between teachers and students. Doubts clearing session, providing notes, taking tests can be done any time at the convenience of student and teacher.
• Accessibility: The one thing that online learning requires is a good internet connection. Students can easily attend classes on an online platform and take notes and can also record for future reference.

Challenges of Online Learning
Each and every thing has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, online learning has also its own challenges. In a digital learning environment, students have to handle everything on their own. They cannot rely on their peers for support unlike physical classroom setup. It is essential that students feel the need to take responsibility to attend the classes, do their homework, study for their assessments, etc.
The digital world offers various scopes and opportunities for students to learn and develop new skills. Digital education has broadened the horizon of learning for students and it comes with its pros and cons which they need to evaluate properly and be ready to face the new learning environment and accept the opportunities that it has to offer.


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