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Good education plays a very important role in our lives. MBD Group’s recently launched Aasoka app, a learning platform for students — wherein they can acquire education of the highest quality. At Aasoka, you will find courses written by professionals. We want students to have readiness for the best career opportunities by learning at Aasoka. Our e-books, video lessons, assessments, and assignments enable students to learn and study much better.

Apart from the educational content for students of K – 12, we focus on preparing students for the JEE and NEET exams in the form of content for classes 11 and 12 so students aspiring to appear for such competitive exams are fully prepared. At Aasoka, the content is designed in order to aid comprehension, assimilation and recall for a longer duration. Our motto is to provide education for the longer term.

We cover all the important subjects for all classes. The content is designed keeping in mind the latest CBSE, CISCE and State Board exam patterns and syllabi. Aasoka’s content has been curated by experienced experts who understand that in the end content matters. The content of all the subjects such as English, Maths, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies can be accessed here. As soon as a student/user selects the class in which they are studying, they will be able to access the relevant content . Students also have the option to study online course e-books of their curriculum. Also, they may convey their doubts to our experts who are always there to help and support.

Aasoka, the learning app, focuses on the model of STEE, i.e. Study, Test, Evaluate, and Enhance.

  • Study: The website contains courses for students of K-12. All subjects are available along with their e-books and video lessons among other things. Aasoka ensures effective learning.
  • Test: At Aasoka, you will get various assessments and assignments to test your knowledge of the subject. Via these tests, students can determine their understanding of the chapter.
  • Evaluate: Evaluation, at Aasoka, can be done through several quizzes, practice tests, and exercises. Tests are a good way to check whether you have understood the topic well or not.
  • Enhance: Students can enhance their learning at Aasoka using various means. Aasoka gives you a chance to study the way you like. You do not have to follow a certain timetable. Study at the pace and place of your choice with Aasoka.

So, what are you waiting for? Register on the website now and start your journey of learning with Aasoka.

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