The Role of Teachers and Parents in Inculcating Discipline in Students

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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”, said the American entrepreneur Jim Rohn. But who exactly is responsible for disciplining a child: the parents or teachers? Well, we will get to know about this in the coming paragraphs.

What is Discipline?

Discipline is a crucial tool in our pursuit of success in life. Without discipline, nothing is possible. A behavioural characteristic, discipline, guides us on the right path in life. It is followed everywhere, whether you are in a school, college or office. You will see children and adults following certain rules and regulations laid by the respective organizations they are aligned with. Being disciplined teaches us to handle our time wisely, gives us a positive attitude, help us stay focused in life, have self-control, perform better in academics, and achieve success in al our endeavours.

The Role of Teachers in Discipline

Teachers play an important role in disciplining students because as educators it is their duty to impart rightful things. For an effective and efficient learning process, discipline is required in school. It is the responsibility of a teacher to create an environment for students wherein they can learn the value of different traits which will be beneficial for them. Discipline helps students focus on their goals. A teacher is an educator who has the power to discipline students and maintain a healthy surrounding within the school premises.

The Role of Parents in the Discipline

Parents are considered to be the first teacher in a child’s life. Most of the things that a child learns is through their parents. So, parents are much more responsible for teaching discipline to their children. They help in shaping the personality of the child. Parents help in creating awareness about the things which is important for a child to learn. They are strict in teaching discipline to their children while maintaining a positive attitude. They assist in pushing their child towards their goals and help them in accomplishing those objectives. Parents become a part of their success and failure and provide room for them to grow and nurture their skills and capabilities. Therefore, it is essential for parents to teach discipline to children.


From the above paragraphs, we can see that both teachers and parents play an equal role in teaching discipline to students. Both at school and at home, children imitate their elders. Hence, efforts from both sides, teachers as well as parents, should be made so that a child grows in a disciplined environment and learn good things in life.

Here is the infographic depicting the role of teachers and parents in inculcating discipline in students:


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