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Time is the most valuable thing you give and receive, lack of time can be the worst feeling ever. Time management is something that must be trained when a student grows up. The achievement of success becomes easier when a student learns to manage time and schedule the activities accordingly. You do a lot of tasks in a day and think that you could be a superman, but never left with enough time to do it all and end up with a lot of work that you pile up for the next day. This frustrating time loop sucks all the energy and leave you with a feeling that you have done nothing at all.

“Time management is life management”

Time Management Tips

Here are some time management tips for students:

The malady of poor time management has some quick fixes. Here are some useful hacks that help you to deal with the lack of time and leave you with ample time.

Prepare a To-Do list
There are many apps that help you to create a neat and organized To-Do list on your smartphone. Even most of them comes with inbuilt alarms and timers, so that you get reminders when the time is up. It will definitely help you to manage the tasks of your day, such as finish the chapter on chemistry, attend that workshop and much more.

Create a priority list
First of all, arrange the tasks according to the priorities. The tasks which are of the highest priority needs to be put into the ‘red alert – high priority’. Suppose you have a physics exam tomorrow, put it on the high priority list and finish that chapter before doing anything else.

Have an eye on the clock
It is necessary to take a break during study, because continuous study makes it a little boring and will take more time to grasp the things, so it is better to study in a time crunch. But the other side is, it has been found in a study that you lose track of time easily, especially if you are engaged in an activity that you enjoy such as using your phone just for a reply. For this reason, you should have a clock in front of you and restrict yourself in a distraction free zone.

Find out your time zone
Every student has his/her own productive time zone. Some students are more productive during day time while others are more productive during the night. Analyzing your time zone and study during that period is the best way to save your time because you will complete them much faster.

Chuck the tasks that are not important
Nowadays, there are more time wasters as compared to the old days. No need to hit like in the posts and pictures on Facebook every 10 minutes. All these activities looks fine when you get your work done. It is hard to stay away from all these habits, then delete such apps in exam and remove the bookmark from your laptops.

Divide and rule
Yes, you have heard it right! This policy works best during studies. Instead of spending hours on the single project, break the task into smaller portions and devote your time on other chores too in your To-Do list. Breaking the task will not make it magically smaller, so be flexible and accord extra time so that you won’t face any crisis in the end.

Remember that your time is in your hands. All you need is determination and persistence. It’s time to get started!


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