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With the recent announcement of the 12th boards’ results for this year, one thing that has become clear is that the competitiveness among students has actually resulted in an increase in the average percentile in the results.

To be able to keep up with the increasing standards of education, it is important that students start getting ready for their boards from the very beginning of their session, so as to have the best chance to score well in their upcoming exams. You already know that there are several benefits of online learning for students; it is time to include that in your study strategy.

Be prepared

Now is not the time when you just ‘wing it’. Start with having all the important CBSE study material for class 12. Also, be well-aware of the syllabus, and start strategizing about your study plan for the rest of the year. If required, you can also ask your teachers about the sequence they plan to follow throughout the year so that your self-study can keep track with the classroom study.

Revise constantly

The board exams are based exclusively on the CBSE study material for class 12, and that is what is covered in classes. Make it a habit to go over everything that was covered in class at least once, every day, regardless of whether it was an entire chapter or just a section.

What are your weak points?

It is always a good idea to identify what your weak points are, that too as soon as possible. In fact, one of the benefits of online learning for students is that you can opt for online assessments in order to check where you stand. You can easily find out which topics you are weak in, which ones you are good at, and plan a study strategy accordingly.

Practice time management

When the actual board exams come, even if you know all the right answers, time may work against you. It is very important that you practice time management and learn how much time or attention you are supposed to pay to a question, depending on the marking scheme. Learning better time management is another one of the benefits of online learning for students that you can avail. Taking online timed mock tests can help you a lot in this regard.

Sample tests and previous years’ papers

You of course need to practice the CBSE study material for class 12, but do not ignore sample tests and previous years’ papers in your study plan. Take each and every paper seriously, and start practicing them when you are done with your syllabus. These papers can help you get used to answering board exams, and also help revise all that you have studied. Additionally, you will be able to re-assess where you still lack in your preparation, and remedy that accordingly.

Your 12th board exams don’t have to be as hard or difficult as people may lead you to believe. As long as you pay the required attention and prepare well in advance, doing well is a matter of certainty instead of probability.


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