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As a parent, you would only want the best for your child. Therefore, to ensure that your kid learns with excitement and retains what he/she learned, you can try the method of e-learning. Read More

If your child is currently in CBSE class 3 or has been recently promoted to it, you can purchase CBSE eBooks for Class 3 and content videos which the child can view any number of times, right from the comfort of your home. Since our Class 3 study material is constantly updated, your child gets access to the most updated content and accurate information. Not only is the learning material effective, but it also delivers the message in a much quicker and more consistent way.

Find the best online CBSE study material for class 3
At Aasoka, you can find learning material as well as CBSE eBooks for classes 1 to 12. If you are looking for the best online CBSE study material for class 3, you can get it at Aasoka which will cover subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, Hindi, Social Studies, General Knowledge, Computers, and EVS. Each of these courses is further bifurcated into individual lessons that your child can access anytime, anywhere.

CBSE, CBSE Class 3

(Valid till-31st Mar 2002)

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