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Our team of experienced subject matter experts ensures that the CBSE study material for class 12 covers every small concept that helps students study and score high marks. The class 12 module is designed to create a wider platform for learning various subjects through well-explained chapter-wise study; a quick review of the chapters, quiz, and assignments to test students’ knowledge; videos, animations, and unlimited practice questions. We strive to prepare the best CBSE study material for class 12 as we believe that exciting and open-ended learning experiences enhance students’ desire to learn. Read More

Class 12 board exams are the indicator of overall academic performance. They form an important part of your resume and higher studies too. Most of the colleges and universities rely on class 12 percentage to grant admissions in different courses. Prepare with CBSE study material for class 12 to maximize your performance in the board exams and get enrolled in your dream course.

CBSE, CBSE Class 12

(Valid till-31st Mar 2002)

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