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CBSE class 1 is a crucial period for students who are officially starting their formal education. This is the time when children are transitioning from preschoolers or kindergarteners to primary school students. They are trying to adjust to a new environment and among new people. The norms and challenges that they face now are different from what they used to face in preschool. Read Less

But that doesn’t mean that their learning should get affected. With Aasoka’s CBSE Class 1 book online that pick up from where the kindergarten study material ended, you can get your children to adjust well into their new learning environment.

Why does your child need study material for CBSE class 1? Researches on education and child development suggest that quality education in primary school influences intellectual development and social behavior in children. For parents to rightly support their children’s education and personal development, a simulating home learning environment is as important as an efficient primary school. Learning materials for CBSE class 1 by Aasoka can help you ensure just that.

At Aasoka, we understand the importance of education and its many facets. It is to introduce quality education across every strata of society and contribute towards our country’s growth that we have formulated special study modules for children in all classes. Our study modules are designed in compliance with syllabi from specific boards, and with the level of education every child receives. Our CBSE class 1 books online cover subjects like Mathematics, English, Hindi, Social Science, EVS, Science, Computers, and General Knowledge -- all of which shall go a long way in building a base for your child’s higher education.

Since the CBSE class 1 book online at Aasoka is in progression with the learning material for kindergarten, students will find it easy to grasp the new curriculum. We have built the course in a manner that not only meet the academic requirements of young learners but also generates an eagerness in them to learn more.

CBSE, CBSE Class 1

(Valid till-31st Mar 2002)

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